Why Joining an Online Community is Good for the Mind and Soul

A community brings people together to discuss similar interests, share ideas, spread knowledge and offer encouragement. Online communities are unique in that people from across the globe can contribute content and opinions, and obtain a different kind of social support that may not be available in their own communities. They also enable members to develop relationships with one another that may be professional or casual in nature. Connecting with like-minded folks to exchange strategies and discuss current trends can be emotionally powerful and professionally beneficial.

Here are some of the top reasons to join an online community.

Tap Subject Matter Experts and Industry Leaders

Regardless of how much research you do on a given topic, there’s no comparison to finding solutions straight from experts. When you’re part of a community, you can seek advice from professionals who have a diversity of experience with your subject. They can offer different perspectives and views to help you make decisions. Participating in an online community can help you stay on top of the latest trends and developments in your respective industry. You can also count on members to share the relevant news as well as their personal experience, which can give you valuable insight.

Most community groups ask validation questions or require members to provide information about themselves before joining the group. This prevents spam and helps ensure members are passionate and knowledgeable (or eager to learn). By upholding the integrity of an online community, members can enjoy another benefit: trusted feedback. Sharing opinions is a key component of any community, and can help you improve the quality of your work, or challenge you to think outside the box.

Gain Exclusive Access to Premium Content, Job Openings and Potential Partnerships

In addition to tapping experts, you also have the opportunity to grab a hiring manager’s attention with the content you share and the ideas you offer. Many times, companies will seek out talent in online communities because members are often highly motivated and passionate about their industry. Hiring companies may outsource work on a project-by-project basis, or even look for full-time team members.  

Online communities are ideal for sharing prototypes and testing new ideas. From software to e-books, innovators from across the globe can offer freebies for those willing to test a concept. Members testing a new product get a chance to develop new skills, improve productivity and share new learnings with their professional colleagues at the office.

If you’re looking for individuals or businesses to partner with, an online community is a great place to start. As members discuss pain points and challenges they face, other members may have solutions through services offered or tasks that can be outsourced.

Feel Connected Through Interacting from the Comfort of Home

As humans, it’s important to feel like we are a part of something – no one wants to feel alone. An online community can help combat loneliness and give you the ability to interact with others, without leaving your home. The connections you establish through shared hobbies and similar passions are different than the interactions you have in person with folks you meet around town, at networking events and social gatherings. An online community is often comprised of hundreds or thousands of people who you can chat with at virtually any time of day (think different time zones). The accessibility and reliability you’ll find with an online community is truly unique – you can use it as much or as little as you want – the freedom and advantages alone are too valuable to pass up.  

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