Brent Powell

Executive Recruiter at BCG Digital Ventures

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  • San Francisco, CA, USA
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  • BCG Digital Ventures 2018 - Present

    Executive Recruiter

    BCG Digital Ventures is a corporate investment and incubation firm. We are dedicated to inventing, building, investing in and launching category-changing businesses at start-up speed for the world’s most influential companies, ensuring they are fit for the future. We share risk and invest alongside our corporate and start-up partners via a range of collaborative options. Founded in 2014, we have major innovation centers in Manhattan Beach, Berlin, London and Sydney, as well as a host of labs across the globe. Our centers and labs are home to a diverse range of entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, strategic thinkers, designers and engineers, who are building businesses, creating and expanding markets and developing new technologies that benefit millions of lives.

  • Independent Contractor 2015 - 2016

    Executive Recruiter

    Independent Recruiter collaborating with (A)Lyst Group helping clients build technology focused leadership teams for seed to mid-sized level startups. Clover Health Synack Globality Pi Charging Stockpile Xamarin

  • Symantec 2006 - 2015

    Sr. Executive Recruiter


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